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VueJs Search Input With SpeechRecognition API

February 25, 2024

A search input for VueJs and Tailwind, that uses the SpeechRecognition API.

Laravel Jetstream Search Input

December 28, 2023

A simple search input for Laravel Jetstream and Inertia.

Simple Vue.js and Tailwind.css Scroll To Top Button

January 6, 2022

A simple scroll to top button made with Vue.js and Tailwind.css.

Accessible SVGs

November 9, 2021

How to make sure screen readers process your SVG image.

Create GitHub Repo on a New Laravel Project

October 31, 2021

How to create a new GitHub repo on the fly when starting a new Laravel project.

On Getting Lost

October 6, 2021

How to avoid getting lost in life and code.

Sensory Processing Disorder

October 1, 2021

How Sensory Processing Disorder affects my life.

Setting Up Torchlight

September 16, 2021

How I set up to style code blocks in my portfolio.

Why Do I Disclose My Disability?

September 11, 2021

Why I choose to make my diagnosis of autism public.

Dockerize A Laravel Application

August 20, 2021

What I did to serve a laravel application with docker containers.