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Hi! I'm Adam Bailey

I'm a Software Developer experienced in


While most of my best work was done in private repositories, Here are some examples of open source projects ive worked on.

This Portfolio

Yes, that's right, the site you're on right now is an experiment in learning static site generation and GraphQL. It is made with tailwind.css, Gridsome, Vue.js, and uses for a backend CMS.

Local Covid-19 Aggregate

I built this tool during the pandemic to easily track coronavirus totals in my state and county. It is built with Vue.js and tailwind.css

Gif Search Tool

I was on a team who made sprint planning documents with silly names and a related gif. This site allows you to search for gifs and several word combinations using the giphy api and the datamuse api. The site is built in VueJs and deployed on

Family History

I used PHP, jQuery, and BootStrap with LightBox and Masonry plugins to display my family's local history. It features a full back end dashboard, so historical images and stories can be managed by authenticated users, and is fully responsive.

Record Collection

This site is built on Laravel and VueJs, Pulling in the Discogs API to review my record collection. It has the ability to add records to the database from the Discogs api with one click. The site is fully responsive with Bootstrap 3.

Doctor's Office

A basic bootstrap site built in PHP, for a clinical psychologist's office. I worked with the client to meet the needs of his office while incorporating his hobby of photography.